What We Offer

Nutrition Counseling

Family Nutrition Center of South Florida Services helps individuals to achieve good health through good nutrition.

What You Can Expect

As Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists (RDN), a recognized licensed health professional with advanced degrees in science and nutrition, we perform comprehensive nutrition assessments including evaluation of health history, weight and height measurements, medications, review of lab results and dietary patterns.

This allows us to develop nutrition care plans that focus on your individual medical condition.

You will receive comprehensive education as we translate the science of food into culturally adapted eating plans that include all the important nutrients that can help manage your condition. Make the most of your visit by providing your Registered Dietitian a 3 day food intake record.

We Work With You to Create a Custom

Nutrition Plan & Healthy Habits.

Meal Planning

We educate you by translating the science of food into culturally adapted eating plans that includes all the important nutrients you need to be healthy.

Honest Results

You will see results based on scientific evidence. Whether it is weight control, reducing blood sugar or blood pressure, or managing your elevated cholesterol.

Custom Plans

Do not expect canned diet plans. We design customized nutrition plans for you based on your individual condition.

How Can We Help You?

Private consultation

You get one-on-one counseling through telehealth visits.

Community outreach

Good health and nutrition starts with education. Through Family Nutrition Center Foundation we give back to the community with education programs.

Menu Development & Evaluation

FNC develops & evaluates menus for group homes, various Federal feeding programs and facilities. Evaluates food products and creates food labels for food companies.


Online Programs

Family Nutrition Center has created on line education services to enhance patient outcomes.


Nutrition is important to all of us! This is why we partner with many local businesses

Employee Wellness

Are you invested in the health of your employees? We offer consulting services to develop employee wellness programs.