Family Nutrition

Center Foundation

Mission Statement

To improve the health of communities through various means:
  1.  Nutrition education and intervention to prevent disease as well as treatment for disease. Through the use of grant funding Family Nutrition Center Foundation can provide counseling by Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators to qualified children, families, and seniors with obesity and obesity related diseases including diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension.
  2.  Early education to parents on raising healthy children physically and emotionally with the development of Dr. Melanie’s Parent
    Resource center.


  • The Family Nutrition Center Foundation can positively affect children, families and seniors that normally do not have access
    to comprehensive nutrition services.
  • Provide families with the access to the latest parenting information and support to raise healthy and productive


  • Application of diversity, equity, and access to all grant funding development and fundraising activities.
  • Collaboration with community leaders to promote the foundations mission.
  • Improve the physical and emotional health of children through parent
    education. Support parents in their most important job – raising children.
  • Engage health care practitioners in the mission of FNCF by sharing information on Dr. Melanie’s Parent Resource Center.
  • Accountability through transparency and fiduciary responsibility.

Dr. Melanie’s Parent Resource Center

Dr. Melanie Bazarte
Parenting 101

About Dr. Melanie 

Dr. Melanie pursued and achieved her lifetime goal of influencing children and parents to becoming well educated, successful and loving individuals. She was a parent to thousands and became widely known as “The Parent Doctor”. She captured the heart of the many children she educated who sought out her wise counsel when they had children of their own. A tireless educator who never missed an opportunity to seize teachable moments even with her friends and family. Dr. Melanie realized teaching begins at home and although it begins at birth, we are all never too old to learn something new.

Dr. Melanie created the first parenting education and support groups: Mommy and Me, and Daddy and Me.

Aside from her illustrious teaching career Dr. Melanie was a prolific author of parenting books including Parenting 101 Because Kids don’t come with instructions, The care and repair of Children’s self-esteem, Nurturing with Nutrition, Let’s Pretend, Fingerplays and action songs.

In honor of her dear friend, colleague, and coauthor Lucille Beseler has created the Dr. Melanie’s Parent Resource Center under the Family Nutrition Center Foundation (FNCF).

The goal of the Center is to continue Dr. Melanie’s work to educate, assist and support parents and caretakers of children from birth to adulthood. Dr. Melanie believed we all have an important role in preparing our children for an ever changing real world.

Donate to the Family Nutrition Center Foundation

When making a donation to the FNCF you may designate your gift to the annual fund to provide support where it is needed the most or choose one of our other programs that interest you.

Annual Sustaining Funds

  • A gift to the annual fund supports the Foundation’s area of greatest, immediate, and emerging needs.

Build the Dr. Melanie Parent Resource Center

  • A gift earmarked for this supports building the on line Parent’s center providing parents with 24 hour resources on the care of their children. Advice on parenting, nutrition, development, self
    esteem, discipline and other areas of concern. 

Nutrition Education and Counseling programs

  • A gift earmarked for this will allow the Foundation to provide low or no cost nutrition counseling services to individuals that do not have access to Registered Dietitians.