Insurance Navigation Program

Insurance Navigation Program

 For the last ten years Family Nutrition Center has expanded their services to the FNC Insurance Navigation program which provides a solution-based approach to problems with patient access for medical nutrition products. Working alongside organizations, health care practices and consumers to achieve the goal of health equity, access and improved clinical outcomes. FNC specialists execute the strategy and tactics that promote these goals.

Care, Support, and Guidance

The FNC Insurance Navigation Program provides Care, Support, and Guidance to consumers that need specialized nutrition supplements and enteral feedings by working with corporations and medical nutrition companies as a liaison to insurance companies.

  • Created to help individuals navigate the maze of insurance reimbursement for nutrition services
  • Evolved into a program to determine insurance eligibility for nutritional formulas including infant formulas and enteral tube feedings.

Value proposition

  • 10,000 individuals provided with assistance for nutritional supplements and formula over the last 10 years.
Critical projects:
  • FNC’s high level group of specialists are able to assist your business in critical situations with minimum training. FNC has worked with DME companies assisting with overflow patient registration and insurance eligibility and enteral formula companies regarding product recall.
  • Build brand loyalty by guiding consumers to access insurance coverage
  • Providing a positive customer experience during times of need
  • Ensure formulas are filled as prescribed
  • Nutrition screening to ensure adequacy of formula

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