Michelle J. Stewart is a registered and licensed dietitian as a nutrition consultant she has been leading the way to healthier lifestyles for more than 25 years. She is zealous about empowering whomever she meets to take charge of his/her health and wellbeing. Michelle focuses on wellness from the inside out.  Michelle holds a Master’s in Public Health and a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition & Institutional Management. She is a certified diabetes educator, holds certifications in adult, adolescent, and childhood obesity; is a Certified Wellness Coach and works with medically fragile children.  She is an experienced and dynamic public speaker who has participated in countless seminars and  workshops all over the country focusing on the health of the African American community. Michelle has experience in managing health issues impacting the African American community. She also writes several health and wellness columns for a number of major publications. She also has authored numerous
articles in an array of other publications. To Michelle it is all about balance and moderation. Her motto is “EAT LESS. MOVE MORE.”