Not sure what to look for in a snack – thinking you can’t have snacks and eat healthy. Well here are a few things to watch for and some ides of things to reach for when snacking! Limit your intake of saturated fats and trans fats, sugar, and processed foods “junk foods” – often found in foods like candies, donuts, honey buns, fried food, or chips… (packages)!

When looking for snack foods – EAT REAL FOODS!

Go for the whole foods (fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, or air popped popcorn). If going for a packaged food or “grab and go” when in a hurry = read the label! First check the ingredients – the fewer the better — then the nutrition facts. Check the sodium, fat, fiber – the DV or daily value = aim for low numbers with the sodium and fats (5% or less) and higher for the fiber (20% or more)!

For more help and tips understanding processed foods and labels – check out this infographic from the American Heart Association.