Build in your meal schedule around the work schedule and stick to it. Here are a few key tips to help you continue eating healthy, continue moving, and feeling your best.

  • Do not eat at your computer but find a place for breakfast and lunch.
  • Give yourself 20 minutes to eat and then how about 10-20 minutes to exercise at your desk or a brisk walk outside? It will even give you a bit of energy to get you through the rest of day.
  • Set an alarm and stand up every hour for 5-10 minutes – even do a quick stretch.
  • Can you do some work tasks standing? Try it!
  • Don’t get seduced with easy access to the fridge – make a rule not to go to roaming to the fridge during the work day except for mealtimes.

Ensuring you maintain your nutritional health is an important component to boosting our immune function. Pick foods that are nutrient rich with lots of vitamins and minerals fruits and vegetables are good sources. Remember to stay on your normal healthy routine as much as possible. Eat healthy to stay healthy during COVID 19.